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Nakoma Golf Club provides high-quality golf instruction to golfers of all abilities. Our long-standing Junior Golf Program and ever-growing Ladies Clinics are available to all members.

Brad Peck
PGA Head Golf Professional
(608) 238-3143

Golf instruction is led by our PGA Head Golf Professional, Brad Peck. Brad has been Nakoma's head golf professional since 1999. He has played in three PGA National Club Pro Championships and has made several starts on the PGA Tour.

John Gashke
PGA Teaching Professional
(608) 238-3143

Adam Poast
Assistant Golf Professional
(608) 238-3143

Karren Rom
Pro Shop Manager
(608) 238-3143

Golf Instruction
Golf instruction covers many different aspects of the game. Our philosophy is to tailor our instruction to meet the individual needs of each student. Full swing training emphasizes pre-swing fundamentals and gives students a general understanding of cause and effect in their swings and games and how to fix their specific issues.

Video Swing Analysis
We utilize a video computer swing analyzer. Students’ swings are recorded and stored digitally, and we can then break down the swing and compare it to the most popular tour players.

Nakoma Practice Area
Nakoma has a short driving range that prohibits the use of shots over 160 yards. Students focus on the 30-60 yard scoring zone, and of course, we do have a net that enables players to hit longer clubs. The seemingly negative component of a “short-range” has actually been positive in the learning process. The limited “static” environment enables students to practice their scoring range shots of 30-60 yards. However, when a student and teacher get in a “practical” on-course learning environment, real improvement occurs. On-course we can hit longer clubs on real holes. We also focus on trouble and specialty shots and, most importantly, execute the many different short game shots that Nakoma demands.

Vitense Golfland
Nakoma Golf Club has partnered with Vitense Golfland to allow our golf members discounted access to their Driving Range. This gives the Golf Membership an extended opportunity to practice their long shots.

Call Vitense Golfland