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Junior Sports

Nakoma Golf Club is Madison's #1 sports club of choice, giving families access to high-quality, non-stop summer fun and recreation. Swimming, tennis, and golf are available, along with instruction and lesson programs to help everyone in the family develop and improve their game.

The Junior Golf Program gives our juniors, who range in age from 6 to 18, the opportunity to learn and play the game of golf. The program concentrates on strengthening their knowledge of the game of golf, covers the rules of golf and golf etiquette, and provides our juniors with basic instruction on stance, grip, and swing. Advancement within the program is gradual, with emphasis placed on different levels of learning and competition.

Nakoma is proud to offer members a Spring and Fall Junior Tennis program that other clubs in the Madison area do not. Nakoma also offers a fantastic 10-week summer tennis program that includes eight weeks of classes, one camp week, and a club championship week for all ages and abilities. Our Junior Tennis Program offers classes for kids as young as age 3 through advanced high school level players. We provide a fun and enjoyable learning environment with the help of our outstanding staff. Every Friday afternoon, match-play opportunities are offered to our juniors by bringing them to other Madison clubs. It is a great environment to learn the basics of matches.

Pool & Dive
Nakoma Golf Club provides complimentary Red Cross-certified swim lessons for children of all ages and as young as two years. Our coaching staff provides clinics for juniors who would like to strengthen their skills in swimming as well as diving. Stroke and dive clinics are offered throughout the summer and are supplemented by a vast event schedule that includes social events and inter-city competitive meets.