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How to Become a Caddie

How to become a Caddie at Nakoma Golf Club

The purpose of a Caddie at Nakoma Golf Club is to help members enjoy their round. Caddying can provide any young person an opportunity to earn money around the game of golf. 

What does being a Caddie at Nakoma entail?

  • Get those steps in! Walk the course for some low-intensity exercise
  • Ensure proper care of the golf course
  • Ball finder... on that very rare occasion someone misses the fairway
  • Replace divots and rake bunkers
  • Clean and wash golf balls
  • Provide Yardage distances

How young can a Caddie be? 

Minimum age is 13 (in the current year) to be a Caddie at Nakoma Golf Club

Is there any Specific Training? 

Yes! Complete 3 Mandatory 2024 Caddie training sessions (each session approximately 2 hours). 

  • Saturday, April 27
  • Saturday, May 4
  • Saturday, May 11

What is my Expected Pay? 

Pay scales vary, but most caddies are rated Rookie to Honor with a rate of $30 to $40, with a possible tip for a job well done. The busier days for Caddies are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and events.

Are there other Benefits?

Caddies at Nakoma Golf Club also have the opportunity to earn college scholarships through the Nakoma Foundation and the Evans Scholarship 

How does someone Apply? 

Contact any of the following: 

Email Assistant Golf Professional, Nakoma Caddie Master Adam Poast

Call the Golf Pro Shop (608) 238-3143