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Nakoma Foundation

Every year, Nakoma Golf Club members back the commitment to scholarship by generously contributing to one or more of the following scholarship programs.

The Nakoma Foundation awarded more than $31,260 in scholarships to 31 caddies and Clubhouse staff members that are continuing their education. It’s impossible to overstate how valuable the program is to the recipients looking to get ahead, as well as to Nakoma, as it distinguishes itself among area clubs. It’s a winning situation on many levels.

The Foundation Board will gather to evaluate the scholarship application, review, and award process to ensure we are doing all we can to grow the program to best serve the caddie and clubhouse staff communities. The Foundation Board will also consider new ways to increase awareness and participation.

Every Nakoma caddie who reaches 25 “loops” each season will automatically receive $10 per loop (retroactively and going forward) which will be set aside in that caddie's college education fund. High school students can build this account over multiple years. The Foundation will issue checks to the appropriate College or University bursar's office when those caddies enroll in college. A recipient must start to use his/her account within one year from high-school graduation or the funds will be transferred back to the program. In 2023, 9 of our caddies earned $15,000 in Foundation Scholarships. An additional $6,500 was awarded to 17 caddies for $10/loop for 25 loops+. 

These tremendous scholarship opportunities represent an important component to Nakoma Golf Club's commitment to its employees and the community at large. They are a sampling of the countless benefits and life-lessons available to you as an employee at Nakoma Golf Club. 

How can you help?

(1)  Please consider extra donations. Many members support the Foundation through extra contributions.

(2)  Recruit caddies. Do you know any young people looking for a great summer gig offering same-day pay, flexible hours, outdoor exercise, and access to scholarship dollars? Nakoma can offer ALL of those benefits.

(3)  Tell a friend. The Foundation is really unique - no need to keep it a secret!

(4)  Help us be better. If you have ideas for the scholarship program or fundraising, reach out!